What We Do

At Southeast Fire Protection we have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you develop and install the appropriate life safety systems.

Rely on us for:

Pre-Construction Planning
Specification Development
Custom Fabrication
Component Inspection & Testing
Customized Training
On-Going Support & Service

Our sole focus is protecting people and property. We have designed, installed and serviced thousands of life safety systems over the past 25 years. We provide our clients with the products and solutions required to keep occupants safe and minimize the disruption of mission critical activities.

Pre-Planning, Consulting & Engineering

We work with developers, architects, and consultants in the earliest stages of building design. We have the experience and expertise to assess client application needs, select components, and develop the specifications and drawings needed for a project.


Our in house fabrication shop ensures that the piping materials used are completed to the specifications of the job. We do not outsource this important step in the process.


Before any system arrives at a client site, all components are reviewed and tested. When our staff is satisfied that the system meets design standards it is shipped to the site. Upon delivery a Southeast Fire Protection team may include a project manager, installers, electricians, and technicians. We make sure the right resources are assigned to your project to ensure installations schedules are met.


Once installed, we provide on-site training customized to meet our clients needs. We make sure our clients maximize their investment by training key individuals on how to utilize all of the systems features.

Customer Service

Southeast Fire Protection provides a one-year unconditional guarantee on all systems. A customer service team is assigned to each of our clients to provide 24/7 support for the life of the system. Our technicians are provided with the latest in communications equipment so our dispatchers can respond to our customers as quickly as possible.

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